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I think they’re just hanging out, but I don’t think they’re in a relationship or anything,” Rosa said.Peep the video of Nikki asking to have sex with Rosa below.If you thought Oprah Winfrey was going to respond to recent comments by Mo’Nique or even president Donald Trump … The queen of daytime stayed true to form and took the high road when we asked if she’d ever consider doing an interview with any of her detractors. I don’t bring it into my sphere,” she said while promoting ) and Lee Daniels had her blackballed in Hollywood and that is why she hasn’t worked in 8 years.In recent interviews, she is still talking about Winfrey and has even insinuated she doesn’t support Black women. As for Trump, y’all already know he loves to troll and has been a hater since birth.She later shifted to ‘Instituto de Cultura y Arte’ where she was considered as one of the most talented and gifted students.

“Nikki and I are cool and we like doing business together,” Rosa said.She snagged the coveted spot as a Wild ‘N Out girl starting in Season 5,.We’re told that much of her storyline will revolve around her relationship with Miss Nikki Baby, aka Nikki Mudarris. And we guess it’s safe to say Nikki Baby’s off again with Mally Mal.The two are dating exclusively and have fueled speculation on social media. Do YOU think this relationship between Rosa Acosta and Miss Nikki Baby is contrived???Rosa Acosta is a fitness star whose net worth is about 0 thousand.

She is often seen on the internet flashing her big bottoms which are almost always bare and her interesting painted motifs on her body.

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