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Studying the impacts of a biological control agent on an invasive tree’s physiology, growth, water use, and litter dynamics in the Western United States.

Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson sing karaoke Still, the two have built a solid friendship over the years.

Developing monitoring protocols to access invasive species presence in natural area reserves in Hawaii.

Much of my work to date has focused on invasive species--in particular understanding the factors contributing to their success and towards defining their distributions.

Forest Inventory and Analysis begins work on Hawaiian Islands Policymakers and natural resource managers need up-to-date, consistent, and credible information on the status and trends of forests in Hawaii a ...

Long-rumored flames Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are sparking dating rumors once again after they were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner together in West Hollywood, TMZ reports. KStew feels 'betrayed' by Katy Perry's bond with RPattz Pattinson, meanwhile, has been on and off with singer FKA Twigs since 2014, and told Howard Stern last week that the two are "kind of" still engaged.

"Rob and Katy are just very similar people and she adores him, as a friend, and she just wants to be there for him as a mate," a source told E! Perry was also pals with FKA Twigs, as she hung out with the British singer and Pattinson at a Beverly Hills gala in 2015 and at Coachella the same year.

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