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Every broken link and missing website and deleted blog and banned Tumblr and failed social media platform is like a new bit of dead grey matter in the stroke-ridden brain of the internet. I have a special skill, honed by years of pursuing my digital curation hobby, polished with many hundreds of paid research commissions, and reinforced by a quarter-century of close attention paid to the internet's dirty pictures.Interrogating that brain and expecting clear, simple, correct answers? If you provide me with a dirty picture (art or photo, it doesn't matter) that's on the internet, I can identify the source of it about ninety percent of the time: artist, photographer, place of first publication, significant about its origin. (See my Patron rewards for details.) And, though I've never before written in detail how I do it (this comes the closest), when this Patreon reaches its first goal, I will write an in-depth Patrons-only guide.We are 5.5 and plants are putting 121.6 into the air each year (not counting ocean plants).The implication is that since coal and oil were from plants, that “plant signature” means “human via fossil fuels”.) I am available for on set coaching, guest artist lectures, one-on-one work for audition coaching and guidance in submitting self-tapes.

ACTeen has closed as this new entity replaces the older corporation.

Watch this site for upcoming information on special courses or industry events.

(My recent Talent Industry Showcase was very successful!

I have extensive experience teaching on camera film acting technique, auditioning for TV series & pilots, voice overs, commercials, career guidance and more! New York acting classes are open for immediate enrollment.

I hope you will review this site and contact me for more information. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is creating an atmosphere where actors feel free to ‘play’.

I ask a great deal from my students, so I am thrilled when they rise to the challenge and do something unexpected or brave.

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