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Will it be a spring and summer of satisfaction on Long Island, or a time of utter anguish? The Islanders (21-18-4) currently sit in last place in what has proven to be a very difficult Metropolitan Division, but with a modest winning streak, they can find themselves back in decent playoff position in no time.

Eleven points separate the top and bottom spots in the division, and the Isles sit just one point out of the second wild card in the Eastern Conference race.

LISTEN: Boomer & Gio: Islanders Co-Owner Jon Ledecky Talks New Arena, Tavares Contract Situation, And More Now in the midst of their league-mandated bye week, the Islanders (46 points) will return to the ice Saturday against the Rangers (49), who currently occupy the first wild card.

New York has won just six of its last 19 games (6-11-2), allowing 82 goals, or 4.3 per game.

Those types of players don’t grow on trees, and when they do become available, teams lucky enough to have them hold out for huge compensation packages because of the demand.

The apparent urgency here to acquire assets like that to appease Tavares is palpable, but the probability of Snow pulling off those types of deals feels like it is next to impossible. It has been very rare to see Snow make huge trades, the Ryan Smyth deal in 2007 notwithstanding.

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It cannot be overstated how important the next few months are for the Islanders.

So don’t get angry with me when I say I really find it hard to believe this team will be Cup-worthy anytime soon.

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