Renee zellweger dan abrams still dating

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The paper reports that Zellweger, 39, and Abrams, 42, were spotted having an intimate dinner at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, New York, recently.Newsman Abrams previously dated Elle Mc Pherson, actor Luke Perry at one point in 2007. Zellweger’s latest film, the romantic comedy , opens January 30.But whether or not budding photographer Renée is dating Dan remains to be seen. The flick pits Renée against dreamy crooner Harry Connick the tale of a Miami businesswoman who reevaluates her materialistic world view when the company she has fast tracked at transfers her to a sleepy Minnesota burg.RENÉE ZELLWEGER: I am always amazed by Diane Sawyer; she is so elegant and manages to pull it together at A. I'm thrilled she's out there as the face of American women. RENÉE ZELLWEGER: I have a job that requires me to get dressed [up] more often than if I were in another line of work, but I don't have a lot of indulgences.GLAMOUR: Not to mention what she's done for American women's biceps! GLAMOUR: While we're on the subject of politics, the economy is in shambles. I like nice wine, and I like sushi, and those things aren't cheap.Would you ever have imagined it would be OK to walk up to Bruce Springsteen and put a camera in his face while he's having lunch with his family, without even saying, "Excuse me"? RENÉE ZELLWEGER: I can't think of anything more horrible than sharing what I'm doing all day!

Miz Zellweger has been a bright light in Tinseltown for quite some time and is best known perhaps for her roles in Cold Mountain, Jerry Maguire, Chicago, Nurse Betty and the Bridget Jones’s Diary franchise and for her long list of high-profile man-friends and who include Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Jack White, Kenny Chesney–to whom she was married for about 8 minutes–Luke Perry, John Krasinski, André Balazs, Dan Abrams and, for about 2 years until their March 2011 bust up, Bradley Cooper who People magazine named as “The Sexiest Man Alive” for 2011.

At home in New York, she is gobbling up books, sifting through scripts and indulging in one of her favorite pastimes: napping. Over sushi at a New York City restaurant, she shares her thoughts on her present and her personal definition of .

GLAMOUR: The last time I interviewed you, back in 2004, you were wearing a Beatles T-shirt and your hair was brown.

I'm not putting on other people's clothes or living out of my luggage. I'm curious about so many things, but haven't had occasion to be exposed to them enough to really appreciate them. I don't want to work with a trainer, and I don't want to go with friends to the gym. GLAMOUR: You seem pretty confident in everything you do, so my last question for you is, would you ever want to go back and redo any part of your life? I'm grateful for the experiences I've accumulated.

I'm actually going into the bathroom to use my bathroom stuff—rather than to the suitcase where I usually keep it. I am determined to sit still long enough to get past the existential crap of the moment. Of course, there are certain things you wish were not on anyone's list of life experiences, but it's a life.

So I didn't feel entitled to a car when I was 16. But when you think about it, [when you're single] you are not deprived in any way—if anything, it's a pretty self-indulgent lifestyle.

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