Regret kissing dating goodbye

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Amid all the inspired elegance of 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul never claimed that human love is perfect.

When it came to romance, these parents were often quite frank: they had loved and lost, and they didn’t want their children to experience the same.

Purity can only be an aspiration; it is not something that we can give wholly to another because it is not something that ever exists fully in any of us. When purity becomes an ideology, we no longer have purity culture but a purity cult.

More important, if evangelical purity culture misapprehends the nature of purity, it does the same with love.

With nearly two-thirds of evangelicals younger than 50, the family dynamic is key for understanding the appeal of Harris’s book and others like it.

As young evangelicals begin to mature, their parents are approaching midlife, a season often ripe with regret and resentment.

It is commonly claimed (and not unfairly, I believe) that the purity movement tells those who have premarital sex that they are condemned to spend a lifetime believing that they are “damaged goods.” This is a cult-like approach to shame and approval that could not be more destructive. In truth, love is so encumbered by the past — whether that of the lover or that of the beloved — that it can be accurately labeled as “broken” or “damaged.” Human love is flawed (and learning to accept this might prove the struggle of a lifetime), but whether as than brokenness.

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