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We can only break free when we understand what is underneath our addictive behaviors.Early in recovery our new way of thinking and coping with the world is new and immature and therefore we are often inclined to rely on old behaviors and old ways of thinking.People sometimes are lulled into thinking they are healthier because they are in a new relationship, but there is no short cut to becoming healthy. Early recovery can be the most uncomfortable time period of our lives because our attachment for coping with the world (our drug) has been stripped away.In addition, we often need to strip out many other areas from our using past: old using friends, unhealthy places to live, unhealthy past activities and just about every other aspect of our former using-lives. Many feel a need to attach to another person for comfort, instead of working on self-regulation and healthy ways coping with this change.The same patterns and behaviors that were used to get and use drugs are often used to get romance or sex.When this happens, one addiction has been traded for another.This is especially apparent when we notice the type of partners we choose to date in early recovery.

Jumping into a dating relationship will only perpetuate the cycle of unmet needs.

Often the attachment to a new person can feel incredibly strong and lasting.

But because it does not have a strong foundation, it is a really false sense of comfort that does not last.

It is no coincidence that people in early recovery tend to be attracted to people still using or equally new to recovery.

Also, because our relationship with our addiction was one-sided in favor of the addiction, we often see people getting involved in relationships that are just as one-sided.

Addiction was almost certainly the main focus of our lives.

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    Many couples don’t discuss their idea of balance and shared roles in the partnership until they are arguing about not feeling “supported.” They assume the other person has the same idea of balance/expectations and with these assumptions, conflict and hurt feelings tend to arise.

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