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Jem Southam is critically regarded as one of the most important British photographers of the last twenty five years.

Working with a 10x8 view camera and colour negative film, his patient pursuit of his art seems at odds with the frenetic pace of life in the 21st Century.

He predominantly works in South West of England, often returning to the same location time and time again to record subtle variations in the landscape, how it changes during the seasons and exploring the balance between nature and mans intervention upon it.

His photographs combine patient observation of the land with personal, cultural and literary references.

Working with a 10x8 and sheet film dictates a slower, more thoughtful approach and requires tremendous effort from the photographer as the camera can often take minutes to set up before an image can be visualised and then it is upside down and back-to-front!

Ives in 2004 and The Victoria & Albert Museum in 2006.

Jem, you work in stories or themes - can you tell me how ‘’ evolved?

Did it stem from one single picture or did the full idea develop from a number of images?

Alongside Jem Southam we were also privileged to have Paul Graham (now an ‘art photography’ superstar) as a regular visiting lecturer.

But in a sense lecturer is the wrong word to use as ‘lecturing’ implies a group of students sitting passively in a lecture theatre being talked to by some intellectual figure.

He has exhibited widely in Europe, the US and the United Kingdom.

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