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SEC East hopeful Tennessee needed overtime and an insane amount of luck and bad coaching from Appalachian State to pull off a nailbiter at home to the Sun Belt juggernauts.Georgia squeaked by Nichols State and needed some late heroics to knock off Missouri, a SEC East team that got mollywalloped by West Virginia.Furthermore, mid tier SEC teams were scheduling creampuff matchups out of conference with absolutely NO out of conference tests, in an effort to create the fabricated “gauntlet” of SEC teams who always won.(For a reference, look at every Ole Miss and Miss State out of conference slate preceding this season.) However, the 2016 season was the first one in recent memory where those generalizations were being surpassed and the SEC was finally stepping up to face more Power 5 out of conference competition than they had in the past 20 years (14 season games total).

In doing so, they have been able to tout outrageous “best conference” stats that were inflated by the facts that top SEC competition were playing mid-tier or lesser Power 5 opponents every year, and in the rare instance they did match up with a formidable Power 5 foe, they insisted on neutral territory that was often closer to SEC home turf than to their opponent.

Perhaps it would if they could keep these guys out of jail. do people even go to SEC schools for actual educations?? by promising gifts and money to these recruits for their loyalty. Oh and happy 3rd anniversary of the DJ Fluker & Alabama illegal benefits investigation that STILL has not resulted in punishment.

Or maybe they could even recruit smart, high moral value players? Special thanks to Leremy Tunsil during his NFL draft side show this year for showing the world we weren’t wrong. [Reference: Text Messages Reveal Impermissible Benefits Given to Five SEC Players] Solid looking away skill by NCAA here.

To put that into perspective, there have only been 151 arrests in all of college football and just 23 in the NFL alone.

CRIMINALS As of the time of this publication, the SEC has already logged 45 arrests in 2016 per

September 22, 2016 Before this season began, the SEC and their ESec PN Network released their 2016 motto: “It Just Means More.” They leave the rest to us to fill in the blanks. And once again they were preseason overhyped by the Worldwide Leader in SEC Ball-Washing, ESPN. They always do boast the best collective high school signing day recruit collection.

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