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If nothing has changed, then it should work because it worked before.

Maybe a local problem, so I should try to reinstall the app or something. The keycount should be bigger because I used it more, but I surely haven't pressed 30k times in WMware start screen.

If it's the first, it simply cannot count inside the game.

As for counting inside VMware..will count inside the guest OS if you have the client there, but it won't count on the host OS. As far as I know, What Pulse was never intended to count local inputs while in VMWare.

EDIT: I just tried this method with 2 other applications that wouldn't count keys for me in the past, and it worked.

I don't know why I thought of this for GTA but not for other things, lol.

If that doesn't work, try running GTA V in windowed mode.

Also I'm using lots of guest OSes, like Ubuntu, Win XP, Win 7 and I used to have OSX too so it's not very practical to install WP on each of them.I don't like this idea, it would be better that we can choose in Settings whether we want to count on host OS or not.The main reason for using WMware instead dual boot is to avoid installing some programs that are already on Windows, including Pulse Audio, audio equalizer and others, so I can install any OS as a virtual machine and be sure that What Pulse will count keys and clicks, that sound will be equalized etc.You have to do it again every time you restart GTA V.This might work with other applications that normally don't count the keys, the input hook is probably re-taken by whatpulse when you start it after the game.

It also works on GTA IV (at least it used to work before, I haven't played it for months).

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