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At the Bleachers, Puck tells Rachel that he joined Glee Club because of Quinn.Rachel breaks up with him because they both have feelings for someone else, in which case its Finn and Quinn respectively.(Insert necessary "Will rapping" joke by Emma here.) performances, nearly 120 episodes and too many of Sue's evil schemes to take down the glee club to count, it's time for the final two hours of .Puck stays to his wish and steals some of the bake sale money gives it to Quinn along with the money from his pool cleaning business that he keeps giving her.She rejects the money saying that she won't take money from a friend in a wheelchair. Ballad Puck is annoyed with Quinn and Finn's relationship and confesses to Mercedes that he is the father while they are working on their Ballad assignment.In the nursery Puck told Quinn that he loves her but was interrupted by Shelby Corcoran and gave Beth to her for adoption.In the episode I Am Unicorn, Shelby returned and gave them an oppurtunity to see Beth. A the process is unsuccessful, they re-kindle their friendship as they slowly come back on speaking terms.

In the end, when the ND members sing 'Lean on Me' to Finn and Quinn to console them, Puck smirks at Quinn when he sings the line - "Call me".Will, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine are at Nationals where...It's all thanks to Will, who never gave up on the arts, and the glee club specifically, and is now going to be Principal.Will walks through the door and greets his "honey," which unfortunately turns out not to be Emma, but Terri armed with a glue gun.He tells her he's taking over the glee club and the screen then reads "2009," so we're right back when this ride all started.

Next up is Tina aka "Wu-Tang Witch" according to Puck, who proclaims how happy she is to be anti-popular, and anti-conformity and faking a stutter.

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