Process for invalidating a patent

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When capitalized, the term “Internet” refers to the collection of networks and gateways that use the TCP/IP suite of protocols.

The Internet has become a cultural fixture as a source of both information and entertainment.

Dynamic content is constructed by programs executing at the time a request is made.

The presence of dynamic content often slows down Web sites considerably.

A URI-based invalidation process, wherein all cache entries generated by a template with that URI are invalidated when that template changes.

A URI is a Universal Resource Identifier that identifies a template that generates different cache entries.

Static content contain data from files stored at a server.The present invention is related to applications entitled METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HIGH-CONCURRENCY CLIENT LOCKING WITH JAVA IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM, Ser. 09/359,274, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANAGING INTERNAL CACHES AND EXTERNAL CACHES IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM, Ser. 09/359,275, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CACHE COORDINATION FOR MULTIPLE ADDRESS SPACES, Ser. 09/359,276, METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR AGGRESSIVELY RENDERING DATA IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM, Ser. 09/359,278, and A METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CACHING CONTENT IN A DATA PROCESSING SYSTEM WITH FRAGMENT GRANULARITY, Ser. 09/359,279, all of which are filed even date hereof, assigned to the same assignee, and incorporated herein by reference. Technical Field The present invention relates generally to an improved data processing system and in particular to a method and apparatus for caching data in a data processing system.More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus for caching documents containing dynamic content. Description of Related Art The Internet, also referred to as an “internetwork”, is a set of computer networks, possibly dissimilar, joined together by means of gateways that handle data transfer and the conversion of messages from the sending network to the protocols used by the receiving network (with packets if necessary).For example, a product display template might have a URI named “product Display.jsp” that generate a page for each product.The present invention integrates all of these methods of invalidation into a single system.

The justices agreed to hear an appeal by Houston-based oilfield services company Oil States International Inc of a lower court’s ruling upholding a proceeding called inter partes review in which the U. Patent and Trademark Office can cancel patents the agency previously granted. Under the agency’s process, administrative law judges review a patent and decide whether the patent office made a mistake in granting it.

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