Problems to start transas ns3000 after updating to wf48

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Since the goal of EAP is to allow the entire organization to share its data, the planner must ensure that all elements of the enterprise that have a need for data are identified.

Failure to produce anticipated deliverables may diminish credibility with management and endanger the project as well. Obtain Management Approval Like any other project consuming resources, the EAP initial plan will have to be presented to management for approval. Spewak, Steven H., Enterprise Architecture Planning, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., New York, New York. CHRISTENSEN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K Chrlstensen Shipyards I All Christensen Yachts Are Certified Both ABS *A1-AM5 ami MCA • ph. Many publishers have turned to the web in their search for renewal, as readers have migrated to the internet for their news.Newspapers, moved by a sense of urgency, were among the first to make the leap, then many magazines followed, as publishers recognized the possibilities digital offers to complement newsstand editions. The EAP group must make a concerted effort to understand the vision and goals of the business, to determine IS goals that will support the goals and objectives of the core business functions. ORGANIZATION OF STUDY 5 IL ENTERPRISE ARC: HITECTURE PLANNING METHODOLOGY 7 A. An EAP scope that is too narrow will result in a product that is inflexible, difficult to integrate, and which falls short of the expectations held for a new system. Create a Vision This step is a difficult one for even the best information systems (IS) planners.

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