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) is a shorthand or slang term used to describe the fact that professional wrestling is a staged, scripted event and not a competitive sport despite being presented as such.Initially people "in the business" (either wrestlers or working behind the scenes) used the term "kayfabe" as a code between those in the wrestling profession, discussing matters in public without revealing the scripted nature.Kayfabe covers both the fact that matches are scripted and that wrestlers portray characters for their shows.Unlike actors who only portray their characters when on set or on stage professional wrestlers often stay "in character" outside the shows, especially when interacting with fans, trying to preserve the illusion of professional wrestling.Faces, short for "babyfaces", are hero-type characters whose personalities are crafted to elicit the support of the audience through traits such as humility, patriotism, a hard working nature, determination and reciprocal love of the crowd.

Kayfabe is, however, occasionally broken during shows, usually when dealing with genuine injuries during a match or paying tribute to wrestlers.The admission on Mc Mahon's part was to avoid interference from the state athletic commissions and to avoid paying the taxation some states placed on income from athletic events held in that state, as well as to avoid the need to meet the requirement of having to employ medical professionals standing by, as was generally mandatory for legitimate contact sports involving substantial possibility of injury.The characters assumed by wrestlers can be distinguished into two alignments: faces and heels.While the scripted nature of professional wrestling was an open secret it was not generally acknowledged by people in the business.Often wrestlers and promoters would make sure that on-screen rivals were not seen eating or traveling together between shows and so on.

Various sources have suggested different backgrounds for the term "kayfabe", including it being pig latin for the term "be fake", or that there actually was a wrestler called "Kay Fabian" who was mute, but neither claim has ever been substantiated.

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