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Then I discovered chat rooms ․ that is where pics and links were posted and I started seeing younger pics, then pics of younger in action, and it just got hotter and hotter ․ so the natural progression is then not just wanting pics [and] vids but wanting the real thing, which le[ ]d me to teen chat rooms, then meeting a teen in person, now to this point.

Farley said that he had seen “pics and vids as young as they come,” and Stephanie responded that she had seen some similar pictures online.

In the Fall of 2006, Kelly Farley was a thirty-seven-year old businessman living in Texas with a pregnant wife and five children, ranging in age from one to fourteen.

His interest in families was not limited to his own, and his sexual interests extended beyond what our society and its laws will tolerate.

He assured Stephanie that he wanted to be “a part of [her] plans,” a “long term thing” and he “would teach and watch [the child] blossom over the years.”When Stephanie asked how he envisioned it happening, Farley said that they would meet, have dinner, go back to her place, drink some wine, and give the child a few sips.

Stephanie told him she was “Stephanie Miller” and said that her daughter was named “Sydney.” Farley suggested he might soon visit their hometown of Atlanta on business, but expressed some concern that Stephanie might be “a cop trying to entrap me.”On October 9, 2006, Farley initiated another chat with Stephanie.Farley suggested that Stephanie trade child pornography pictures with him, but he backed off when neither of them volunteered to be first to send an image. He asked Stephanie what age excited her most; she answered “9-10.” Farley said, “Yeah me too ․ something about that age, still innocent, but starting to bud a little.” Farley asked Stephanie how she thought it would happen. Once Stephanie accepted Farley's invitation to chat privately, he wasted no time getting down to business.Within the first three minutes, he asked her how long she had been interested in the “room topic” and whether her involvement was “active” or merely fantasy.

He told her that “my wife would flip if she knew I was into it.” Noting that Stephanie's profile mentioned a daughter, Farley asked if the mother ever got to “see anything.” He also asked Stephanie what her “favorite age” was, and she answered that it was her daughter's age, ten years old.

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