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There is a lot of love and respect Islam has for adult women” saying, “our store puts women at the center, offers information, and provide answers to frequently asked questions on sex”.

The first Halal Sex Shop started in Turkey in 2013 as reported by the Arabic news portal.

be Muslim, amongst other things they are not allowed to take drugs or drink alcohol and must pray five times a day.

There was even reportedly a quote from 'The Hot Crescent representative.

But when she explained that the hijab 'is our right' and a personal choice, he lashed out with the back of his hand, striking her across the face.Halal and sex might seem extremely contradictory, especially when it comes to a shop that’s called ‘Halal Sex Shop’ in the centre of Islam itself, at Mecca.But according to Alyaoum24, a Arabic news portal, these shops strictly cater to Muslim customers and are expanding in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.The survival rate of oral cancer is lower than that of cervical cancer, skin melanoma and breast cancer.The incidence of oral cancer is predominant among the Indian ethnic group where mouth and tongue cancers were among the 10 most common cancer among both male and female.

And while sex shops selling ‘toys’ are one thing, a news report that went viral last year alleging the existence of a legitimate business called ‘The Hot Crescent” in Amsterdam that provides ‘exclusive service’ for Muslims by providing girls for sexual pleasure has been proven to be based on a satirical report from a Belgian "news agency" called Nordpresse.

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