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I prefer an alternate definition of polyamory — one that I learned from polyamorists Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert.According to this alternative analysis, swinging and open relationships are really “monogamy-plus.” Like traditional monogamous relationships, they serve to privilege and protect the primary couple.The primary couples sets the rules, and the stability of their relationship is considered paramount.Polyamorous couples tend to rely less on rules, and more on the real needs of the various people involved. I was genuinely expecting to hate it as much as episode 5. So today we have snarky bullet points with what I hated, followed by what I loved, and then some thoughtful analysis. Let’s just face it, that is a class of people that includes Snooki, Fiona Horne, and Donald Trump. It’s scripted and spun for maximum drama without any of the cast members consent.If you are one of the people who really hated my review, go read this instead. So while each cast member on the show might be the best thing since sliced bread in real life, they are not being accurately portrayed on tv.Conley defines polyamory as having permission to experience both sex and love outside the relationship.

Until this turkey came along, and a lot of us are rightly miffed.But the enterprise takes on a whole new ethical dimension.I was impressed that the non-monogamous individuals who appeared on the show seemed to have crossed this ethical threshold. Let's never underestimate the persuasive power of good character, thoughtfulness, personal lived experience, and good hearts. Activism Advertising Advice columns Agreements Anthropology Art Autobiographies Bisexual Books Book reviews by me Buddhist Celebrities Children College Comics Coming out Conferences Critics of poly Dating Feminism Gay GLBT Heinlein History Humor Jealousy Jewelry/Pins/Clothing Jewish Kids Leftist/Anarchist Legal Lesbian Marriage Merch Metamours Millennials Movies/plays Music Open marriage Plays Politics Poly 101 Polys of color Polygamy Radio Relationship anarchy Religion/spirituality Research Science Fiction Showtime Season 1 Showtime Season 2 Songs Spaceflight Speeches by me STDs Supreme Court: Obergefell Supreme Court: Windsor Swinging The Next Generation Theory Therapists TV DAMN, THAT WAS GOOD!On NBC's Today Show this morning, Megyn Kelly devoted her whole 9–10 a.m.

These “others” are seen less as need-satisfying objects, and more as full individuals whose needs, feelings, and conflicts are given equal weight.

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