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Olyanokat is szívesen látunk, akik eddig nem, vagy csak hallomásból tudtak a poliamoria létezéséről, de szívesen megtudnának róla többet." , organizes transregional "Poly Meetings" for German-speaking polyfolks in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.The organizers say the gatherings serve as "a platform for networking and for the exchange of experiences and practical knowhow."Bastrop Barracks are under construction and we won't be able to do an on-site PBF this year.We are looking at a 'distributed PBF' with a host location in each city. More updates will happen mid-February." "We will be hosting a conference in Tucson, AZ, April 6th-8th, 2018 called the Southwest Love Fest," Katherine Kincaid wrote to the Polyamory Leadership Network on Sept. "We have the support of the Relationship Equality Foundation, and other conference organizers have been very gracious to share support and advice. We are in the process of securing a few speakers now but we want to invite many more submissions for speakers!The core value of this conference is to empower healthy relationships across a myriad of configurations." Facebook. Wrote Ginger Polynirvana, "We are able to offer a simultaneous Professional track at Relate Con, which will offer CEUs to a wide variety of disciplines such as lawyers, social workers, counselors, and teachers." Here's Kitty Chambliss's enthusiastic writeup of the 2017 event.Here's the local alternative weekly paper's writeup.

Check the what will happen page for details on the programme as it develops." Capacity was increased to 60 people for 2017, but it still sold out well in advance. From the 2017 description: "You will find a myriad of workshops and talks, according to a mixed format that combines workshops set up by the participants themselves and programmed activities.The smaller winter meeting gathers about 40." In past years the meetings have sold out within days of being announced.This one-day event happened for the first time in 2017, with big help from the Relationship Equality Foundation. From the 2017 description: "Our goal is to help bring the Chicago non-monogamy community together across all the lines that divide us — age, gender, race, class, location, ability, configuration, label, and all of the other categories which house us.These events draw about 70% polyfolks; their focus is on building practices of transparency, self-understanding, communication skills, and intimacy that can create radically better relationships of any type.The events aim to build, over five days, an enduring network of like-minded people who don't necessarily fall out of touch as happens after most events.

Playground is an all-inclusive and intersectional event for every community to take part in and celebrate diversity." Fraser is author of Not Your Mother’s Playground: a realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy, open relationships.

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