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I have lived in a polyamorous relationship with a woman who is married to another man since 2003.

I write about polyamory, to inform, refute prejudice, and to promote the social acceptance of polyamory.

This time, though, on Sarah’s insistence, they were open about how they lived, Paul says.

While Paul, Sarah, Theresa, Clara and their three children lived together in Nanaimo, a complex legal battle was brewing in the BC Court of Appeal.

In 2009, the BC government had failed in the prosecution of two men from the Mormon polygamous community of Bountiful, BC.

According to an article in Rolling Out, on a Facebook group called Beard Game Matters there recently was a backlash against polyamory ==If you are unsure whether and why the representation of Polyamory in the Media is important, I recommend an article by the scientist Stefan Ossmann from the University of Vienna, dating from January 2017.

The ==Not only for children from polyamorous families it may be necessary to have more than two parents legally.

It was after Paul’s grandmother died that he met 21-year-old Sarah where they worked together in a warehouse.

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