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The Polish team featured six defending Olympic champions from Sydney: race walker Robert Korzeniowski, rifle shooter Renata Mauer-Różańska, rowing pair Tomasz Kucharski and Robert Sycz, and hammer throwers Kamila Skolimowska, and Szymon Ziółkowski.Greco-Roman wrestler and 1996 Olympic champion Ryszard Wolny and sprint canoeist Michał Śliwiński (previously competed for the Soviet Union, Unified Team, and Ukraine) had made their fifth Olympic appearance as the most sophisticated athletes of the team.Scammers also often list themselves as widowed (especially with a child), self-employed, or working overseas.

Even if someone’s profile looks legit, there are other signs to keep an eye out for, especially during the beginning of your communication.As a result we are asking to reconsider the decisions which may have long-termand irreversible effects for the maintaining of our breeding at the high level atwhich it currently stands.We are not authorized to speak on behalf of thedismissed people and we are not necessarily calling for their reinstatement to theirprevious positions.The titles, distinctions and honours that have been bestowed upon Polish horses bred thanks to the brave decisions, knowledge, experience and breeding intuition of Jerzy Białobok, Marek Trela and Anna Stojanowska are endless.These successes had a direct influence on the growing market value of Polish horses -not only those from state studs, but also those of private ownership.

Men's volleyball was the only team-based sport in which Poland had its representation in these Olympic Games.

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