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A video of his rescue showed the moment Okene, who was left fighting to breathe inside a four-foot-high bubble of air, reached out a hand and touched one of the team of divers, letting them know he is still alive.

TEHRAN, March 2 - Israeli police investigators have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara for the first time as part of an investigation into a corruption case involving Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq.

There is something arousing about getting complimented by a beautiful young woman with her husband agreeing.

I wondered if Jason and Rachel got to meet in the sex closet again.

Larry was gone almost the whole day busy at the office.

Her body had rebounded nicely since the summer baby, go girl!

I wished I had done that more to the beautiful mature women in my life in the 1980s.

Until his rescue, Okene believed his colleagues must have escaped.

The tug was one of three towing a Chevron oil tanker in Nigeria’s oil-rich Delta waters, but on May 26 there was a sudden lurch and it keeled over.

Air bubbles rose around the cook as he squatted inside his air pocket.

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