Please check the controlling of updating backorders

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This is the exact format the file needs to be to import your Inventory information properly.If you do not need to update a particular product's inventory, just remove its row so that the import file only contains the products that you'd like to update.Below the enable checkbox, you will have the following radio buttons which will allow you to control what happens to a product when it's stock reaches zero.You may Choose 1 of the following options: be done on the individual product level, however it is more of a manual checkbox option rather than automatic when the item reaches zero.Your settings in the Inventory Control drop down are similar to the global settings discussed earlier, except that they will affect only the specific product that you are working with at the moment.To recap, the settings are: Tip When an item's inventory control option is triggered, the store will display the appropriate label on the product listing page.For instance, let's say you have a sweater that comes in multiple sizes and colors.

The first step in our process is to enable the store's Inventory Control settings which will track your product inventory and determine the various actions that occur when an item's stock reaches 0.

You can also filter the search using the "Advanced" button which will let you filter based on minimum/maximum stock, category and manufacturer!

You also have the ability to track inventory for individual item options if needed.

This setting is usually turned on by default, but in case you need to revisit the setting, we'll describe it here.

Log into your 3dcat Online Store Manager and, using the left hand navigation menu: The store will now be set to keep track of the store's inventory stock.

The prioritization of the orders is ensured by your sort. In the worklist, you define the filter and the sort of the orders and order items for backorder processing.

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