Playing it cool while dating

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Be as accessible and available as is genuine for you.Don't put your life on hold for your date, but if this new relationship is a priority for you, don't hide that.#3: Playing it cool blocks connection.If your relationship does continue, this habit will erode trust.

When you hold back you are sending a message to your date that he or she and this new relationship aren't all that important to you. Playing it cool might have the opposite result than what you want.

Make decisions about how open you'll be based on the present and not the past.#2: Holding back sends mixed messages.

While making yourself inaccessible might sound like a good idea, it can lead to a fizzled romance.

Now, if you believe that you are in love with this person and you've only been on a couple of dates, be wise.

It can feel overwhelming to hear “I love you” from someone when you don't actually know him or her that well or if you don't feel the same level of intensity. Use observable information to decide how much-- and when-- to share about how you feel and what you want for the future.#1: This person is NOT your ex.

Over time, however, it became clear that being together was right for them.

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