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The descent is steep, though – this is a given throughout the traverse trail.In Tagalog, “Basagan ng tuhod” could be an apt description. Amuyao’s summit early in the morning to make trekking more relaxed.Province Exit point: Batad Junction, Banaue, Ifugao LLA: 17.0123N, 121.1297E, 2702 MASL (#10)Days required / Hours to summit: 3-4 days / 5-7 hours Specs: Major climb, Difficulty 8/9, Trail class 1-3 BACKGROUNDMt. Of the three, it is considered the most challenging, taking the hike from the mountainous town of Barlig, Mountain Province to the summit of Amuyao, then off to a lengthy but well-maintained trail to the scenic villages of Pat-yay and Cambulo and finally to Batad, home of the amphitheatre-like rice terraces that is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Amuyao summit (5-6 hours; 4.1 km SE): Evenly steep, but the trails are comfortable and reasonably wide.Amuyao is the country’s 10th highest mountain and an important physical and cultural landmark in Mountain Province. The entire trip takes 3-4 days – a real challenge – but the cultural and natural wonders seen in the trek make it a worthwhile expedition. There are no thorny plants or noxious fauna or flora, so youwould only have to prepare for the cold.To the left are the mountains of the central Cordilleras – Mt. After this breathtaking scene, you would descent into the mossy forest.

Aim to reach Cambulo before nightfall; otherwise you can do an e-camp just above it, in view of its terraces. But it’s still better to really press for Cambulo so as to maximize the time in Batad the next day.The elevation, at 947 MASL, makes Cambulo the lowest point of the entire traverse trail.Cambulo → Batad saddle (3-4 hours; 4.2 km S): Ideally done on the third day, from Cambulo one heads south to Batad.Midway is cemented shed with a nearby water source.Less than an hour before Pat-yay, the forest will give way into a grassy, level area and you’ll encounter a stream.

Sidetrips to Tappiyah waterfallls, the viewpoint at Banaue, as well as the other wonders of Barlig and Batad, creates possibilities for an even deeper ‘immersion’ into the heartland of Ifugao culture. Landmarks at the Barlig trail include the Barlig Viewpoint where you can catch a glimpse of Amuyao’s summit as well as the town beneath. To the right is Cagayan Valley and the faraway mountains are that of the Northern Sierra Madre.

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