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His subscriber count and popularity rose drastically in a matter of a few months.He had reached over 1 Million subscribers in less than a year, making him one of the fastest growing You Tubers of 2016.He also tried teaching Pink Sheep how to say 44, but Pink Sheep didn't understand.Exploding TNT is like "a brother" of Pink Sheep, cause Purple Shep call him "uncle Mouse Man" Failboat also is like his brother, Purple Shep call him "uncle Failboat" too Purple Shep is the son of Pink Sheep and the Ender Dragon.He claims to be able to fly using his moustache, break indestructible blocks, and kill anyone in one hit with his bare hooves (he usually credits his accomplishments to his moustache).

Due to his hideousness, Pink Sheep does not like being related to him, however, he claims that he still loves him because he is his son, despite the way Pink Sheep may treat him at times.

He also participated in the 1940 Olympics and won a gold medal (Even though the 1940 Olympics never happened).

He started hanging out with Herobrine because "his mom baked great cookies".

He plays a small variety of games, mainly being Minecraft and Roblox, but he may occasionally take game requests from his fans and do different games.

About a month after the debut of his channel, the channel had officially hit it's peak.

Pink Sheep is a fictional character created by Exploding TNT who exists in the videogame Minecraft.

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