Peerguardian2 not updating

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It is no longer developed, with the latest version released on April 22, 2005.It is also open source, allowing for future derivatives by any party.The blacklist is stored in a number of different formats: The binary formats (known as P2B) were created at the release of the first beta version of Peer Guardian 2, in order to create the smallest possible blocklist.The original format for Peer Guardian version 1.x was a simple plaintext format.("Bluetack" was the name of the member of the original Peer Guardian team who owned its previous domain and created the "Block List Manager" used to maintain the list.) uk developed an application called the Bluetack Internet Management System (B. With this database the admins of the site (Seraphielx, Moore, Firstaid, Tozanno, Death Angel, R00ted) would search for names of Anti-P2P companies and set a status code in the entry to make the blocklists that would be downloaded by the blocklist manager for import into Peer Guardian, Protowall, and other applications that would block Anti-P2P traffic from accessing your download.They would also obtain logs from people who were sent letters for downloading "illegal" software, music and videos and figure out who in the list did not belong and flag the entry just to be safe.The system is also capable of blocking custom ranges, depending upon user preferences.

The format is as follows: the P2P blocklist used by Peer Guardian has been provided by "Bluetack Internet Security Solutions". S) that would spider whois servers to create a map of the internet and all of its IP Addresses.

As its developers reported online, Peerguardian Lite is now continued under the project and program Peerblock, and Peerguardian Lite users were recommended from around 2008 on to switch to Peerblock.

Peerblock has some more options, but uses almost as little CPU as Peerguardian Lite did.

Peer Guardian Lite is a derivative of Peer Guardian 2 made to consume as little CPU and RAM as possible.

It has no UI or options and consists of a single tray icon.

The installation procedure was also simplified, no longer requiring a system restart and driver installation.

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