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If you wish to buy something on the net and use your Paypal account money as a mean for purchasing that product or service, you'll find our comprehensive resource as a major time saver.

Please select a topical category from the list below and then visit the various Paypal-accepting merchants' websites for additional information.

It’s quiet likely an anti-fraud measure and isn’t a huge inconvenience.

After your card has been delivered to you by email and you’ve redeemed it, all you’ve got to do is treat it just like a debit or credit card and set it as your payment method on the site of your choice.

You need to pay by cash or debit, credit, or gift card.

Cash, debit, and credit weren’t an option for me at the time. What we’re looking for are electronic gift cards with email delivery.

Many sites come across as pretty sketchy, so it’s important that you stick to places with a reputation.

There are many available to you, but the two that I would personally recommend are Newegg and Walmart.

My assumption is that cards of a higher value (probably and above) require an order confirmation (through certain vendors).

Lots of web based merchants support this payment method and accept Paypal orders on their shopping sites.

These online vendors will gladly take your e-payment for any of their offerings.

Any person can use it to buy products on shopping and ecommerce sites or to pay for various web services.

It's an excellent and easy-to-use alternative to the traditional credit cards, checks and money orders.

Newegg currently carries 68 cards eligible for instant email delivery, and Walmart carries 70.

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