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Obtaining visas had not been easy, despite the obvious respectability of my new family: My father in-law (who we affectionately call abba) is an expert researcher and former journalist in Karachi who speaks flawless English; his wife (ammi) is the mother every child dreams of having.

Together they are raising 11 children, including their future daughter in-law, and a baby they adopted from a young man, an orphan who they had had a hand in raising, and whose wife passed during childbirth.

In Adams' world of intergalactic nomads, the degree of respect given to a hitchhiker was determined mainly by his presence of mind to know where his towel was at any given moment.Plain-clothed Carabinieri (the Italian equivalent of U. Marshals) with badges hanging from their necks, jeans and sunglasses ala Jack Bauer, were stopping random South Asian men.The passengers looked perplexed as they were led back into the bowls of baggage claim before reaching the light of day.We took more pictures, choreographed by my -- now official -- fiancée, as we symbolically recognized the beginning of our relationship, exchanging rings.Over the course of the following days, Khalida and I explored the ancient city together with her parents, while my mother rested back at the apartment.

I first met my in-laws outside baggage claim of Marco Polo airport, Venice, Italy, on September 11, 2014.

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