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However, it is a mistake to think that the theory is completely separated from the practical tasks, real social life.Indeed, jurisprudence studies such wide categories as the law, legal relations, delicts and some other.The extent of the involvement to the «The subject and the method...» appearance, formation and functioning of each of the phenomena is considered as well.

 1 MW»«06'"' COMPARATIVE STUDIES JURISPRUDENCE () THE SUBJECT AND THE METHOD OF THE THEORY OF LAW AND STATE (JURISPRUDENCE) DOI: Svetlana Boshno, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, President of Consulting and Legal Protection of People Foundation, e-mail: [email protected] The subject matter of the theory of law and state (jurisprudence) comprises objective laws of formation and development of state legal relations.The purpose of law is to guarantee the state's interests.Such approach, described in plain form, forms the bases of «the theory of the state and the law».The Common law science calls the science about the regulatory and the substance of the law is known as «The Jurisprudence».From the native equivalents «The Philosophy of law» with the elements of the theory of law or «The general theory of Law» are the most close. «The Jurisprudence» differs in its content and construction, its approach to the legal research, the state's institutions are not included into this subject.

In accordance with this conception the state is given the leading role in every sense: meaningful and chronicle.

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