Original dating boat party

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Richard carries her to the other side of the island and places her on the altar, offering a prayer to God.Emmeline recovers and Richard admits to his fear of losing her.

When Richard angrily confronts Emmeline about this, she tells him that the island is their home now and that they should stay, to Richard's disbelief.

They make up for this fight after Emmeline is nearly killed upon stepping on a stonefish.

Sick and weak, Emmeline pleads with Richard to "take her to God".

Sometime later, their relationship suffers a major blow when a ship appears for the first time in years.

Richard's desire to leave comes into conflict with Emmeline's desire to stay and she does not light the signal fire.

They regularly make love from then on while occasionally spending their time together in the nude. During the pregnancy, Emmeline discovers cravings and morning sickness as she continually indulges in coconuts and then is discovered by Richard the following morning vomiting by the seashore.

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