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I’m talking about those folks who for whatever reason don’t want children.I’m one of them and prefer to refer to myself as “childfree” rather than “childless.” The latter assumes that I’m lacking children while the former expresses my freedom from them.Remember, you’re in the minority, so you’ll need to put a little more effort into your search.Keep a positive attitude and focus on the end result – no dirty diapers, sleeping through the night, and the freedom to do whatever you’d like with your soulmate!Now, common wisdom tells you that you should never do such a thing; that letting a man know something like this is akin to having an agenda and will send him running.

And I told him so right away – even though he was a few years younger than me.If you choose “Don’t want kids” you’ll get fewer matches, but they’ll all share your beliefs.If you choose “Not sure” you’ll get more matches, but there’s a chance they’ll start hearing a biological clock ticking one day.When you do, you won’t give off that desperate vibe where all he hears is “Hurry up, my clock is ticking!” Instead, he’ll see that you’re happy with yourself, know what you want, and aren’t just looking for him to fill a job description.

So, even though you want children, your life does not depend on it – and it certainly doesn’t depend on him.

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