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In 2012 she drew public attention to herself by being involved as a suspect in the death of her fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan, who died after apparently suffering a heart attack.

Omarosa Manigualt has waged war on journalists April Ryan and Roland Martin, as well as renowned Pastor Jamal Bryant calling them 'enemies of the Trump administration.'The Apprentice star told the president that the three high-profile personalities are the 'biggest threats to sow discord in the African American community against the White House agenda,' sources have told Daily exclusively.

In the 1990s, Omarosa worked on Vice-President Al Gore’s staff in the White House during the Clinton Administration, although her actual duties are indeterminate, and she wasn’t employed for very long.

She came to public notice during her participation in the reality show “The Apprentice”, which was aired on NBC.

The show was popular as entertainment, with many participants being regarded as actors, despite the ‘reality’ tag of the show, and Omarosa as the villain, but working with the star of the show, Donald Trump.

However, in the spin-off from the series – “Celebrity Apprentice” – she was fired by Trump with a number of disparaging remarks.

American celebrity Omarosa Manigault was born on 15 February 1974, in Youngstown, Ohio, to an American mother and father from Nigeria, and after a rather checkered career, is currently becoming even better known publicly, as she is the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for President Trump’s administration.

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