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By 1917, seven Orthodox churches and one Roman Catholic church had been built there, several cinemas, forty primary schools, a high school, a teaching seminary, and the Romanov House non-classical secondary school.

In 1913, Novonikolayevsk became one of the first places in Russia to institute compulsory primary education. There were wartime epidemics, especially of typhus and cholera, that claimed thousands of lives.

Between 19 more than 50 substantial factories were crated up and relocated from western Russia to Novosibirsk in order to reduce the risk of their destruction through war, and at this time the city became a major supply base for the Red army.The bridge was completed in the spring of 1897, making the new settlement the regional transport hub.The importance of the city further increased with the completion of the Turkestan-Siberia Railway in the early 20th century.In 1907, Novonikolayevsk, now with a population exceeding 47,000, was granted town status with full rights for self-government.During the pre-revolutionary period, the population of Novonikolayevsk reached 80,000.

They were settled in barracks at the outskirts of the city, giving rise to slums such as Bolshaya Nakhalovka, Malaya Nakhalovka, and others.

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