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Anyone who has attended a large public university knows that the identity of the easiest classes is one of the worst-kept secrets on campus.

The enforcement staff will argue that a disproportionate number of athletes took the classes (true) and that athletes were funneled into the classes.

Shouldn’t an academic fraud case revolve around the violation of bylaws that forbid academic fraud?

Well, it might if there were any such rules in the NCAA’s manual when these classes were offered.

Wainstein’s team interviewed Nyang’oro and Crowder and described a “shadow curriculum” (Wainstein’s term) in which Crowder created paper classes that were eventually disguised as lecture classes.

In Wainstein’s report, Crowder is characterized as a huge fan of the North Carolina men’s basketball team and the mastermind behind the paper classes.

North Carolina’s attorneys will argue that the NCAA had no applicable bylaw when the academic fraud took place in Chapel Hill, and they may be correct.

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