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Give us some positive time frames and stop selling more shares every time we reach a certain point. Block Chain Technology (which is what the cryptos use to keep track of transactions) is as important to future financial transactions as the "Internet" was to computers. People think "Bitcoin" was in nose bleed country when it broke ,000.I remember friends telling me the internet was a "phase and would not last"... It broke through those levels without major retailers even being involved.

Having a positive mindset is all well and good but when it borders on delusion and not reality and you think that information is real and don't question the information it comes back to what is real and what is fake in this whole process. Securities & Exchange Commission Litigation Release No. Does this mean I am not in the second program but only in the first which did close and never paid out??

EMS/HCI will probably execute a payout next year if all goes well with the simulations hopefully they have a smooth and uninterrupted process with the simulations.

It would be good if EMS would close off soon and stop coming up with lame excuses to extend the program it is time to shut the doors and execute a payout for next year most investors are running out of patience with EMS/HCI some have been in this for about 10 years.

We are now at 100% of simulations..banks are clear to trade in big dollars. I would love to hear a good time frame after March 7th.

Now we wait for the stress tests to be cleared..long will this take? The frustration of these delays is becoming all too frequent. I am glad to see they decided to enter the world of Crypto Currencies though.

What do you think will happen when "amazon" or "walmart" jumps in and gets involved???

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