Nigeria sex chat show

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It is a prostitutes’ paradise, a haven of sinful lust.

There, women of various ages, shapes and sizes compete for attention.

Saturday Sun checks revealed that most of the hookers are from the South-South states.

They find Benin attractive because of vibrant nightlife occasioned by the dwindling rate of crime in the city in recent time.

One of the side attractions at Jonvee is the performance of semi-clad female dancers, who entertain guests.

The number kept increasing and fun seekers spilled outside.

Those who couldn’t bear the choking ambience simply frolicked outside.

Omowunmi, who cruises about town in a cute Kia sedan car, also supplies girls at rich men’s parties.

Toast of social events, when a client ‘places an order’, she will send text message to her girls, briefing them accordingly Her girls are said to be some of the hottest in Benin City.

Indeed, the number of scarlet women on parade is simply amazing. And because of the stiff competition in the ‘market,’ the women adopt aggressive marketing strategies. The provocative dressing and weird make-up the women wear show the stuff they are made of. Some wear micro-mini skirts that barely cover their pants.

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