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More » Definitely NOT safe for work, sh*is a photography blog where users comment on what they see in the pictures. Wonder How is a delicious buffet of engineering, ingenuity, and curiosity.Two things really make this site addictive: 1) the photos themselves contain obscure content that is often challenging to discern. Visit Wonder How To here More » Not Really SFW: No, these are not actors or clowns.You'll even be the hit of the office if you introduce your coworkers to this place. Visit Attack of the Cute here More » Somewhat SFW: Reddit is a combination of user-generated news and social voting.Everybody and anybody can post a link at Reddit, add a description, and encourage the world to visit that recommendation.2) the users make some really outlandish comments about each photo. These are real people captured in candid photos at the local Walmart store.The content is usually very adult, so be careful about your surroundings before you visit here. How to tell the difference between a prostitute and an undercover cop. The choices in fashion and lifestyle are absolutely shocking, and this site has garnered much controversial attention because it allegedly typecasts people.From pretty girls to absurd photobombs to thought-inspiring landscapes, The Chive delivers on addictive appeal.While much of the content caters to post-adolescents and college-aged youths (i.e.

Sploid is absolutely a mesmerizing visual experience! The site name is very well earned, and you'll love every second that you spend here. Visit Fmy Life here More » NSFW: is a fascinating blog about the bizarre, weird, and strange.Reddit users, in turn, vote positive and negative responses to grade the appeal of each link.Reddit is tremendously addictive for people with short attention spans.That means that offbeat and unusual news stories from around the globe are assembled at this one website for quick browsing. The niftiest new products for i Phone, personal stereos, desktop computing, car accessories, and more.Read about kangaroos goaded into fighting clowns, cross-dressing sensitivity training for policemen, undertakers who raise money by offering free limo rides, naked air traffic controllers, homeless people who become famous chefs, robbers who target celebrity homes, chickens who adopt puppies. You and your office pals are guaranteed to get sucked into this buffet of interesting devices and modern machines.

Visit Sploid here More » SFW: TIWIB is an electronic magazine dedicated to 'unique window-shopping' and unusual consumer products. Letters of all kinds of high emotion and bizarre human experience. Visit IWaste So Much Time here More » Somewhat SFW: You think your life sucks? Yes, there are many girly pictures at this site, but there are also some really fascinating stories about medicine, geography, modern anthropology, modern art, pop culture, music, and more. Visit Pinterest here More » Somewhat SFW: "Schadenfreude" is the German word for 'deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others'.

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