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Recent archaeology at Kom El Deka (heap of rubble or ballast) has found the Roman quarter of …

Continue reading Textbook history for Roman Alexandria includes a series of disasters beginning in 115 AD.

On the one hand: Since the end of the Cretaceous Period 66 million years ago the serenely sluggish sea has carved out the Strait of Dover to …In AD 115, large parts of Alexandria were destroyed during the Kitos War, which gave Hadrian and his architect, Decriannus, an opportunity to rebuild it. … Continue reading Numerous academic articles acknowledge Alexandria has been “hit” by two destructive tsunamis. “Found Ferngully,” Knight captioned, along with the hashtags “#exploring #oregon #frightenedturtle.” All that hiking alone could get a guy in pretty good shape, but the 4.He’s Got a Sense of Humor It’s not something tech nerds are famous for, but Knight’s social media is filled with plenty subtle attempts at humor.

According to his Linked In profile, Knight graduated from Princeton in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – and went on to get his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2011. He’s Adventurous On one of his social media accounts, Knight describes himself as an “adventurer” and “naturalist” – and judging by his photo uploads, he’s not kidding around.

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