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Important note: Squinting is for externals, not for important personality traits. See if you can drop down past that exhausting tendency, and just notice how you We all have a fear-based way of handling the discomfort and insecurity of dating situations. They may not seem as exciting at first, because there is less of a chase involved, but they are the way to relationship happiness.

Instead of fight or flight, we click into “mate or flee.” This time, take a break from the wearying stream of assessment: "Does s/he like me? " Instead, notice what you’re actually feeling with that person. Each of these two forms of attraction follows its own trajectory.

Here at Love Again we believe that real happiness starts with truly like-minded matches, which is why our passion is helping compatible singles connect.

Unfortunately, the quality of much dating advice and the atmosphere of most dating venues ranges from superficial to downright demeaning.

The skills of dating are the skills of intimacy—not game-playing.

So, open your heart and take the first step towards your new life on Love Again.

The search for love is one of our greatest life-tasks.

If you're serious about finding lasting love or a good friend, Love Again is the site for you.

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