Muslim dating a christian who is kanye west dating presently

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They are religious but my parents love me so they will accept anyone who makes me happy, to them my happiness is more important than some religious restrictions.

I read many things about how unacepting muslim men are, but my boyfriend's family is very racist and they're Christians.

I'm a christian woman who has been dating a Muslim guy for a year.

I think the basic rule about dating is always first to date someone who lives in your area presently because when you speak to people long distance, someone you have never met, whether muslim or not, the chances of them being the wrong person is relatively high.

Second, make sure you both have respect for each other, regardless of your religion.

His parents are very religious and recently he asked me to convert to Islam.

If i chose this path my parents would neglect me and if he stays with me his parents would neglect him.

I love my boyfriend to pieces and we are very compatible and we have been talking about moving in together and getting married but my huge concern is how our families will get along together.

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