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The ability to pay SUW taxes through the biztaxpayments website was decommissioned March 25, 2015.Debit Block Identification/Company ID Numbers Some bank accounts require a code in order to process Debit payments.If you are an accelerated filer or you remit credit schedules with your SUW return (gasoline/diesel or vehicle dealer supplemental reports), you are required to file via MTO or bulk e-file.For 2014 and prior tax years, filing must be submitted in paper format and mailed.Yes, MTO offers the option to pay SUW taxes by credit card.

Certain financial institution account numbers used for EFT credit payments have changed for tax year 2015 and beyond.View the step-by-step guides including filing and paying a tax return in MTO. Credit card transactions are charged a convenience fee of 2.75% of the total payment.Debit card transactions are charged a flat convenience fee of .95.In this situation, you will use the “Additional Return” button at the bottom of the “Required Returns” list to manually process you tax type(s).Quarterly filers should select the month end of the desired quarter.

In the above example, if your third party is contracted to remit the withholding tax separately, they may use MTO or a different method.

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