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Elliot, played by Rami Malik, pulls off the beady eyed grayhat fairly well, and riffs of "Fight Club", "The Matrix", and "Hackers" all coexist to compose a decent melody of scenes.

Below are some characteristics that I believe are consistent with the kind of person God would provide for you to spend your life with, assuming you are His best for someone else. God will not give you His best if you are not already His best for someone else.

Remember: I believe a great ‘barometer’ of a person’s walk with God is whether he/she tries to entice you into sexual sin or not.

If he/she truly loves God and wants to be obediently set apart for Him, there won’t be any excuses, playing with fire, or compromises.

The person you are dating should be willing to open up and talk about the hard areas of his/her life, he/she shouldn’t try to hide or twist truth, and he/she should take responsibility when he/she does something wrong.

He/she shouldn’t even be afraid to admit when he/she messes up.

In short, he/she won’t be able to leave God alone with or without you. Does he/she easily pray with me or in front of others?

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