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The two apparently first met three years ago, but it wasn’t until a magazine interview last spring that their relationship began to develop. They decided to register their marriage on February 22. I thought, if I let go of her, I’ll regret it my entire life.” Ayaka commented, “My first impression of him was that he had really powerful eyes, and he could completely see through me.

Right now, he is someone I respect from the bottom of my heart., an autoimmune disorder.

After a joint magazine interview in June last year, the couple started dating in August.

They will be registering their marriage on 13 April which is Mizushima's 25th birthday.

Tsuyoshi Domoto and Becky ranked highest on the lists.

Takuya Kimura ranked #2, followed by Hiro Mizushima.

Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi (“20th Century Boys”;) will be in charge of the project, with actor Hiro Mizushima in the leading role. The 24-year-old Mizushima and the 21-year-old Ayaka, who goes by one name, got married Feb. For the male rankings, one female stated that Sakurai “thinks quickly and seems like the type to remember things about work quickly.” Working as a newscaster for NTV’s “NEWS ZERO,” Sakurai has gained a lot of attention for his opinions. Ayaka, who debuted in 2006 with her song ‘I believe’ made history by being the first female singer-songwriter to enter the Oricon Charts in the top 3 on her debut.

Junichi Okada (V6) Female celebrities who look best in yukata “Beck,” the popular music manga by Harold Sakuishi, is being adapted as a live-action film. Hiroki Narimiya Name: 水嶋ヒロ Name (romaji): Mizushima Hiro Real name: 斉藤智裕 / Saito Tomohiro Profession: Model and actor Birthdate: 1984-Apr-13 Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Height: 180cm Weight: 65kg Star sign: Aries Blood type: AB Talent agency: Ken-On Official Website Actor Hiro Mizushima and singer-songwriter Ayaka announced Friday that they got married in February and that Ayaka will suspend her activities from next year to concentrate on undergoing treatment for Basedow’s disease. Sho Sakurai of Arashi and talento Becky took the top spots in the men’s and women’s rankings, respectively. He topped the ‘Favourite Actors Among High School Girls’ too.

Some of the survey takers described her as someone who can “read the situation at hand,” and as someone “so lively and cheerful that it’d be a nice breath of fresh air to have her around in the company.” Right behind her in the rankings were actresses Aya Ueto and Yui Aragaki. Currently, there are no plans yet for a ceremony and a wedding.“Popular actor Hiro Mizushima (24) and singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) surprised the entertainment industry on Friday when they held a press conference announcing that they recently married.In addition, it was revealed that Ayaka will be putting her music career on hold.I had never heard of Graves’ disease before so after a bit of Wiki research-its uncurable. Also I hope she has been getting treatment way before hand because the fact that she’s in a serious stage is BAD.According to Wikipedia , if ” left untreated, more serious complications could result, including birth defects in pregnancy, increased risk of a miscarriage, and in extreme cases, death”.

In last month’s Oricon Style article ‘Ikemens On Your Mind Ranking’, he was voted first, beating the likes of Oguri Shun (26) and Eita (26).

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