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Any feature can be created such as forums by popular demand.After signing up, don't forget to vote on issues in our polls and surveys section.Just the ice cream alone will sweeten up your life.There’s Sebastian Joe’s, Izzy’s, Pumphouse Creamery, Grand Ole Creamery, Crema Café…all from the Gopher State.Oh, and there will always be someone to help you dig out your truck.Maybe the reason that Minnesotans are so nice is because their blood type is Type O Sugar.

Best Date Movies These are the movies the world says are the best in the dating arena.

If you haven’t already found someone who loves tater tots, no wonder you haven’t found the right person. In fact, there might be a hot dish at the table on your first date.

If you’ve made it to adulthood thinking that game from your childhood is called Duck Duck Goose, then I’m sorry to break it to you, Neo, but you’ve been living in the Matrix all along.

Live interraction is very important and so we've brought you web chat, audio chat, video chat.

At the same time as you browse personal ads, you can use our instant messenger to connect with other users. Free personals keeps money in your pocket, while you're still enjoying the full benefits of any dating site or dating service today.

Minnesota might be known for having 10,000 lakes, but that’s only because they’re too nice to brag. Dust off the record player, sit in front of the fire, a listen as Minnesota boy Bob Dylan sings “Stay, lady, stay, stay with your man awhile.

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