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There's absolutely no reason to be concerned about being older and single. No matter how old you are, sign up for FREE today and become Older and In Love.Everyone has a soulmate out there somewhere but sometimes it just takes longer for us to find them. We are an Older dating agency dedicated to helping you find the one.We have thousands of other older single men and older single women who are in the exact same position as you so why not start talking to them sooner rather than later?We can almost guarantee that there will be older singles near you who would also love to find a new friend or partner.” text into his busy routine of playing Xbox and reading about aliens.However, the Angry Mediocre White Dude does have a soft side: In fact, he’s probably looking for his Hollywood ending, for a dazzling display of love and affection.

The Angry Mediocre White Dude feels like he has a right to his cantankerous, abrasive personality, and if anyone wants to point out that maybe he would be happier by becoming slightly softer and more accepting, he gets defensive.

Valentine's Day gift ideas - For her We've covered the men now it's time for the women to be spoiled this Valentine's Day.

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(Seriously: I dated an Angry Mediocre White Dude who spent an entire night of a camping trip we were on yelling at a mockingbird who was being too chipper.)The Angry Mediocre White Dudes usually collects something — probably records, but it doesn’t have to be.

He just needs to feel like he’s an authority on a certain topic: not only does it make him feel special, but it lets him bitch about everyone who isn’t as in the know as he is.

He declined, saying that all the years his pastor father “forced” him to volunteer excused him from ever having to do it again.

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