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239 •'V AVORTH DAMES, Evi , B C S , M R A S., I i M a .

NUiirs Vla Vt.ndrapaia Har'ln '-Sara vat 15.5 loa^i •‘.1 Beneai A'latic Society's Plato of the uaja Vrixyakayal i . 13S ^ Manda-nr Iii" n’l^ttion of Kainara- i and Bandiiui arinan : the Maiava ' T3 and 529 ^ . 191 ' Alandd'Or Inscription of Ya-od Larnmn iniivardhana ; the M ilava year 5^9 222 , ALimla-or Pillar Inscription of Yas O- 253 ' Xo.

He has been suffering ever s(' long from this foul disease and I have been travelling about wdth him from country to countiy, vainly hoping that he would profit hv change of climate ; and at lust, finding this place cool and pleasant, I have halted here and by your kind permission, shall stay here for a week or so. 0^ After fini'^hing my own tramcj'ipts, I have compared the following grants of Jayach- c h a n d r a and his predecessors ; — ^ A trrant of M a d a n a p a 1 a, of Sam vat llo4, edited and translated by Dr.

Cunningham’s Book of Indian Eras A Note on the Date of Mihirakula D. The horse- men found the iluvariya sitting b}' the river- side telling his beads, just as the (hags had left him, and succeeded in persuading him to return to his wife. TWO COPPER-PLATE GRANTS OF JAYACHCHANDRA OF KANAIJJ.

In tbc meantime she intimated to the thags that she had no objection to their staying where they were as long as they pleased. A short and very inaccurate abstract of the contentb of one of grants (marked by me A) will be found in Cole- brooke's Vol.

The more the princess pondered over this incident the more she felt how heartless had been her conduct towards iier husband, till at last she despatched her horsemen to find him out and to exhort him to return to her immediately. At the request of the Editors I have prepared the following transcripts and translations of two copper-place grants of J a y a c h c h a n d ra- d e V a of Kan a u j fi'OJU photolithographs supplied to me. 2SG ; and the other grant (marked B) has been edited and translated in a most careless manner in tlie J jc.

Oh no, not for worlds ’ I have always thought it my duty to serve and nurse my sick husband, however wearisome the task might be.” When the princess hoard all this it brought thoughts of her own luisbaiid into her mind, and she began to redeet upon her conduct in deserting him merely because he happened to be a Hfvariya by trade, whilst that rich and beautiful woman, as she took the thag to be, nursed and ministered to the wants of her husband although he was a filthy leper.

The whole process is detaued m heghm U oj the JPau J'Xb. One of the ifiags covered his body with this composition, and the other got a litter and placed his be- smeared companion in it.

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