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There offices are located at Dositheou, 42 Strovolos, P. any review sites giving good reviews for should be questioned for legitimacy.If you want to sign up with them don’t let me stop you just don’t say I didn’t warn you If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website with over 40 million members that’s located in the United States the only adult dating sex website I’m recommending at this moment is Adult Friend Finder.If nothing else discontinue the use of cell phones period.I went 2 years with out a cell phone and my wife went a year. For me it was the best 2 years of my life since the mid 90's!!!!as far as a spouses work phone if they are not on call or getting paid for using it in non working hours tell them to shut it off and be part of the family or find somewhere else to live. if there are trust issues then solve the issues or get a divorce do not stay just for the kids or for some other lame excuse if you are not happy and your spouse is not happy I can promise you the kid(s) are miserable!!!

and she always seems to have it turned at such an angle that the screen is just out of my view. I deal with a wife that wants to sit and listen to the TV while she plays games and is on social media sites, I've put up with it for 2 years I know she is not cheating, sexting so I have no worries there.I am also setting up my game consoles in another room so when I play it will not be in the living room.Also have a 8 year old daughter that is a gadget nut like me she is gonna make some changes also.If they don't like it tough I am the one that trouble shoots all the tech issues with all incoming signals and I can disconnect it all and say it is a outage.Make life simple and just make some rules if they do not want to follow the rules it is one phone call to have internet, TV disconnected till they do.

as soon as we hop in the car she's got her head down in the phone.

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