Liveupdate not updating client Peep webcam

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The Update time stamp is now updated if the list is modified manually or through the auto update feature.

Fix ID: 3981481 Symptoms: When you install Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager while logged on as a Domain Administrator account, the installation fails during GPOPolicy Review.

Solution: Removed from the whitelist, which blocks the creation of the zero-byte file.

Fix ID: 3934030 Symptoms: After you install Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6 MP3 to a server operating system, it stays on the Windows logo after a restart.

Fix ID: 3877677 Symptoms: An Auto-Protect exception for a sub-folder of a mapped drive does not work if drive was mapped to sub-folder of share.

Solution: Fixed discrepancies in the relative paths, which are needed for the exception.

Fix ID: 3978562 Symptoms: After you upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager version to 12.1.6 MP5, a rule with many wildcard paths added to the Application and Device Control policy may cause the memory to become over-utilized.

This scenario leads to errors in scm-server-0and high CPU usage.

Fix ID: 3952857 Symptoms: The Host Integrity check fails an antivirus-related HI policy, even if the definitions are fully up to date.Solution: Changed the way the DNS lookup cache refreshes when the DNS server IP changes due to network updates, so that the hostname always resolve and location switching is prevented.Fix ID: 3926000 Symptoms: After you delete SEPM administrators, the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager database does not delete them.Fix ID: 3977290 Symptoms: A Bug Check D1 crash occurs when a call to Handle Sync Recv() traverses the net buffer list (NBL). Solution: Fixed the code flow to parse actual NBL count to prevent the crash.Fix ID: 3977338 Symptoms: Multiple issues occur when manually importing a client package, which impacts domain import/export functionality.

Solution: For fingerprint lists collected through clients, the description does not change through automatic update in the console.

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