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Prof Ray Jones, who works in social services improvement, says staff fear children slip through the net as they try to keep up with rising pressures.

They are known as “hired guns” who diagnose “difficult” parents who resist the “SS” with personality disorders and so unfit to care for babies…If we must have these biased judges (who believe predictions from absent experts over live testimony from parents) and prejudiced family courts (L. Thorpe) I CHALLENGE any judge to name just one situation that could justify the vile practice of authorising the taking of babies at birth from sane law abiding mothers for “RISK” of emotional abuse and then giving these babies and young children up for adoption by complete strangers . Why I invented the phrase “FORCED ADOPTION” and named my site that way.

Linda Fraser, who works for Bristol city council, could be struck off if the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) concludes that her fitness to practise has been impaired by her conduct.

But the hearing was adjourned after five days of evidence last week and will not reconvene until March. Fraser, a senior social worker, was found by a judge in March 2016 to have improperly altered records concerning children in care proceedings – a case in which a mother stood to lose her two children into foster care.

If we must have social workers they should be there to help and support problem families and never never appear as adversaries in a courtroom .

That is the function of the police who are there to detect crimes such as abuse or neglect of children and should never be any part of the duties of genuine social workers whose real job should be to help parents and not to snatch their children.

Main sections if you wish to find useful information in detail are “The Introduction”,”Golden rules”,and “What you can do”.

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