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Reciprocal links or link exchange is considered the most effective way to increase traffic to your site.

Some of the most important reasons to exchange links: - Increased link popularity = Increased search engine ranking - Traffic from your reciprocal links on other sites - Swap links and build partnership with other webmasters.

Placement Criteria Links will be ordered according to several factors: The exposure given to our link within listed site (homepage preferred), how accessible is the page our link is on, the website's Google Page Rank, the website's level of traffic, the position given to our link among other links/directories, and finally, the date the website is submitted (The earlier, the better).

Sites are placed on our categorized directory on pages with 30 links or less AND also on our Master Pages.

Automatic backlinks works for any site running php or with easy to install modules for Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

Register now, it's free and easy A backlink is only a good backlink if it is from a trusted source.

We only allow pages with a Majestic Rank of 1 or above.

In the presence of those, either method falls apart -- those entries will be counted as two or more entries when in reality they are one.

As long as you are using GNU ls, have no directory entries with names containing newline characters, and have no odd aliases for will change.

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